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Malaysian Menopause Society Society is a non-profit organisation aimed at increasing awareness of menopausal conditions and provides a social support network for women (and their spouses) in their golden years.

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6th APMF Singapore 2017 Meeting Managers

Dear APMF 2017 Participants and Supporters, Greetings from the 6th APMF Singapore 2017 Meeting Managers. The Meetings is just round the corner and we have noticed that some of you have not register for the Meeting. Please click on this link to register http://miceapps.com/client/registrationForms/formlist/300 For those who have registered we would like to thank you…

World Menopause Day 2016 – 16 October 2016

MMS’ annual celebration, attended by about 200 participants, was officiated by Ms Nora Murat from the International Federation of Planned Parenthood (East Asia and Oceania), who gave a short address on the population expansion in the Asia region and how they are lobbying the government to provide social security as well as better facilities for an ageing population.

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