• To promote the education on menopause and climacteric and all its related disorders.
  • To create a forum for the discussion of the problems associated with menopause and climacteric.
  • To facilitate an interdisciplinary approach to these problems.
  • To liaise with various colleges and other interested Societies to assist in these aims.
  • To liaise with similar groups internationally both to disseminate knowledge and to study menopause and climacteric.
  • To promote the teaching of its discipline throughout Malaysia and its neighbours.
  • To promote the standard of clinical care of menopausal problems.
  • To consider all questions affecting the interests of the Society, including any legislative or other measures concerned with menopause as are directly related to the interests of the Society or its members.
  • To confer or correspond with any association, institution, society or body or individuals whether incorporated or not in relation to any of the objectives of the Society.





The logo is in the corporate colours of the Society – Blue, White and Red.

The Red Bunga Raya (Hibiscus) in the centre of the Blue Sun signifies the important role played by women in family, home, work place and society in nation building. The Red Bunga Raya is the life force to humanity and also symbolizes love, devotion and sacrifice.

The moving Blue Sun upwards showing the White Moon signifies the passing away of the reproductive phase and the emergence of the menopause phase which accounts for one third of woman’s life span.

The Blue Ring with the white letters Persatuan Menopos Malaysia signifies the important role played by the Society in the management of menopause so that women should continue to have a good quality of life in the golden years of life.

The outer White Ring signifies purity.