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Mall Walk Publika – 28 Feb 2016

Categories: Photo Gallery

Mall Walk @ Publika
Date: 28 February 2016
Time: 8.30 am – 11.30 am
Venue: Publika Shopping Mall

The Mall Walk attracted 35 participants, who turned up for the Walk for registration at 8.30 am. Upon changing into a blazing red tshirt, the participants trooped into the cool, artistic retail shops of Publika Shopping Centre for a 40-minute stroll led by organising chairperson, Honorary Secretary Chan Li Jin and MMS President, Dr Ho Choon Moy.

The group walked all 4 floors of the mall, stopping to snap photos with dinosaurs and exhibits on display, and climbing on the playground at the open air garden like children. After working out a sweat, the group proceeded to a sumptuous brunch at Journal Plan B, still chatting and having a great time. The event ended at 11.30 am with a simple lucky draw where 6 lucky ladies walked home with pretty embroidered purses.

Mall walking is already a popular activity in Western countries especially among senior citizens who wanted safe, clean and convenient ways to exercise regardless of their age. In Asia, the practice has yet to catch on because many shopping malls are not familiar with the concept as yet.

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