drhoDear Members,

World Menopause Day (WMD) 2019 was celebrated on 20 October 2019 at the Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel from 9am to 5pm. This is the 10th Anniversary of the Global WMD and the 22nd Anniversary of the Malaysian Menopause Society. This year’s theme is “Menopause – A New Beginning”. The event was attended by more than 200 participants, who were all supportive, actively participating in our sessions – overall, having a grand time!

The Malaysian Menopause Society (MMS) is thankful for each and every of our participants who made time to support our annual event. Our choice of location was chosen based on our priority of having a good ambience and the quality of food served.

Sunday’s programme was filled with both medical talks and motivational talks. Our speakers for the medical talks were Dr Ho Choon Moy (Consultant Gynaecologist and President of MMS), Dr Ng Beng Kwang (Gynaecologist and Vice President of MMS), Dr Chan Jie Ying (Ph.D.), Ms. Sharifah Rabiatul (Women’s Health Physiotherapist), and Dr Kim Wong (Gynaecologist and EXCO of MMS). Topics covered included ‘Menopause is a new beginning’, ‘Urinary Incontinence’, ‘Non-antibiotic solution for recurrent urinary tract infections’, ‘Pelvic Health and Your Quality of Life at Menopause’, and ‘Second Spring’. For our motivational talks, Mrs Jagjeet Singh spoke on the ways we are able to stay healthy and happy, and Anthony Das (from Achievers platform) spoke on ‘Health, Happiness & Actualization’.

The audience were also entertained with performances during the day. Professional saxophonist (and not to mention, handsome too) Ken Leong gave a very impressive performance. It was undeniably one of the highlights of our event. Audience members were also treated to a dance performance by Mio Entertainment, which was very lively and enjoyable. Subsequently most of the audience also had fun dancing together, led by Mrs Jagjeet.

We had our first flower arrangement contest, organized by Lisa Lum, who also judged the contest alongside Lim Ai Mee. The winners were rewarded at the end of the event. Crowned First Place was Olivia Ong. First Runner-Up was awarded to Alina, while Second Runner-Up went to Jeselin Sinnappan. Consolation prize winners were Ooi Kim Hoey, Alice Lim, Lee Soo Choo and Mary Cheang Heng Yim. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for your participation.

Towards the end of the day, participants were also rewarded with an exciting lucky draw – many had returned home with prizes! Congratulations to all winners. All those who did not win lucky prizes still went back happily with a loaded goodie bag.

Our team also received feedback that the food provided was scrumptious, and I am happy to know that everyone was full and satisfied with the WMD event. Throughout the day we also had our dedicated photographer, Mr Sheng Wang, who did an incredible job capturing our event and the smiling faces of our audience! Photos after editing will be uploaded to our MMS website and our Facebook page.

On behalf of MMS, my deepest gratitude goes to our sponsors – for their support of this event. I am also thankful for the sponsors who had provided us with free screening tests: bone density test, ECG (electrocardiogram), facial skin analysis, and supplements that were sold at a discounted price.

My heartfelt appreciation also goes out to our MMS EXCO’s, especially Eleen Ong (WMD Organizing Co-Chair and Honorary Secretary MMS), Dr Ng Beng Kwang, Goh Boon Kok (Honorary Treasurer), Betty Toh (EXCO MMS), Dr Kim Wong, and Prof Dato Dr Nik Nasri. The assistance of our MMS Event Crew also contributed to making this event a success: to Liza Lum, Lim Ai Loon, Mandy Mun, Adibah, Olivia Ong, Mrs Goh, Mary Yong, Ivy, and Datin Linda Leong. I am grateful to have such a cooperative and hard-working team.

With appreciation,

Dr Ho Choon Moy FRCOG
President of MMS & WMD Organizing Chairperson