The Malaysian Menopause Society aims to:

  • Promote education on menopause and all its related disorders
  • Create a forum for the discussion of the problems associated with menopause
  • Promote the teaching of its discipline throughout Malaysia and its neighbours
  • Improve the standard of clinical care of menopausal problems

The Society’s vision is to:

  • Facilitate an interdisciplinary approach to menopausal problems
  • Liase with various colleges and other interested societies to assist in these aims
  • Liase with similar groups internationally both to disseminate knowledge and study menopause and its climacteric
  • Consider all questions affecting the interests of the Society, including any legislative or other measures concerned with menopause that are directly related to the interests of the Society or its members
  • Confer or correspond with any associations, institutions, society or body or individuals whether incorporated or otherwise