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MMS Inaugural Hiking Expedition – 15/6/2019

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Brief Report on MMS Inaugural Hiking Expedition – 15/6/2019
written by Ms Lim Ai Loon, Organizing Chairperson of MMS Hiking Expeditions.

At 8am on a cool Saturday morning, some enthusiastic MMS members have already arrived at the meeting place in front of the Hijauan Residence, ever ready to start the hike to “Sun Sui station” at Ah Pek Hill.

Members were surprised to receive colourful Fans from the considerate MMS President. The fans were not only useful to fan off heat during rest time, it also have added colours to the photos taken.

There were many who have come as first timer in hiking. Wow, their spirits could not be dampened till they have hiked mid-way just before the steeper climb. Bravo to their gusto spirits. However, this experience has prompted a shift of mind-set to specify the requirements of physical fitness in the next flyer.

Finally, the rest of us have reached “Sun Sui” station after an hour hike. The moment we saw the station which has a clean and non-smelly toilet, all the anxieties of bladder emptying were eliminated and amazed on the man-made fish pond, a small dip pool, back to nature stove, a mini boxing ring, a parallel bar for strength training and basic kitchen utensils. It was an achievement to have lighted a fire with wet tree branches. Coffee and Milo were served to those who wanted to experience drinking from “Cow Boy” mugs in the mid of jungle.

A simple but delicious lunch spread was served to all hikers after a 3 hours fun filled hiking.

What have impressed me most during this hiking were the team spirit and the comradeship that have shown throughout the hike. Members were supportive and helping each other to achieve the objective of completing the hike safely.

The energized young photographer who has taken many photos which I hope will portray the event.