Membership is open to all Malaysian Citizens irrespective of race or sex. Applications will first be approved by the Executive Council before membership is granted. (Click here to apply) Membership is effective from 1January until 31 December of the same year.


Types of membership are:

Life Member

  • Aged twenty one (21) and above
  • Membership fees: RM30 (registration) + RM500

Ordinary Member

  • Aged twenty one (21) years and above
  • Membership fees: RM30 (registration) + RM30 (per annum)

Associate Member

  • Aged between twenty one (21) and above who is not a Malaysian citizen
  • Membership fees:RM 30.00 per annum
  • Not entitled to hold office, vote or have any say in the management of the Society

Honorary Member

  • Distinguished individuals who are elected, subject to the approval of the Executive Council.

Corporate Member

Non-Profit Organisation: RM 100.00 per annum

Profit Organisation: RM 1,000.00 per annum


Membership Privileges

  • Complimentary copy of Berita MMS, a regular bulletin with invaluable advice, updates and articles pertaining to menopause
  • Access to forums, events and educational sessions conducted by MMS at no charge or discounted rates

Cessation of Membership

Member whose subscription is in arrears for a period of twenty four (24) months shall cease to be a member of the Society and have his/her name removed from the member registry.

Reinstatement of Membership

Membership can be reinstated upon payment of all his/her dues, subject to the approval of the Executive Council.

Expulsion or Suspension of Membership

The Executive Council retains the right to expel or suspend members who have been guilty of misconduct. A fourteen (14) days’ notice will first be provided, with an opportunity of presenting their case. Expelled or suspended members may appeal at the next Annual General Meeting to be reinstated.


Click here for the Membership Form.